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Now working for LBNL as an independent contractor.
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Work on the Digital Optical Module (DOM):

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AMANDA Data Handling at LBNL (Web Page)

Other Topics

Summary of Work Done at LBNL, 1999-2001

Physics and Software Engineering for Neutrino Astronomy

Layout of a printed circuit board used for the detection of light from neutrino interactions. The electronics captures analog signals from a photomultiplier tube and transmits the signals digitally to electronics on the surface of the ice, two kilometers above.

In the broadest terms, my work has focused on technologies relating to the detection of cosmic neutrinos. I have been involved with the AMANDA experiment since its earliest days. AMANDA is located near the geographic South Pole and has successfully detected high energy neutrinos. LBNL has played a key role in the analysis of data from this experiment, and in the design and prototyping of sensors to be used in the IceCube detector, which will be a greatly enlarged successor to AMANDA.

Work on the Digital Optical Module

In early 2000, the AMANDA collaboration deployed a string of 51 Digital Optical Modules (DOMs). Typical optical sensors in AMANDA transmit the signal from the photomultipliers along 2 km of cable before acquisition in the surface electronics. The DOM represents a shift in detector philosophy, where signals from photomultiplier tubes are digitized before transmission through the 2 kilometer cables. The digital signal is much less susceptable to noise, crosstalk and distortion due to cable effects. This allows for a much cleaner photoelectron signal with greater dynamic range.

I have worked on several aspects of the DOM development, including the following projects:

Additional work not relating to the Digital Optical Module

Details on the following projects available by request: